Sunday , January 24 2021

Day of Hemophilia, male beard and fight against Alzheimer's disease

World Hemophilia Day: Hereditary disease is not yet known

About 7,000 people in France suffer from haemophilia, a rare hereditary genetic disease that prevents proper bleeding of the blood. As explained Inserm, in case of bleeding, the flow can not stop or so, very difficult. Therefore, patients are at risk of serious bleeding in the event of injury and sometimes spontaneous bleeding, especially in the joints. "Current treatments can" control "the disease, but not cure. This 29th day of hemophilia is an opportunity to talk about this little known pathology, often stigmatized and misunderstood. To read our article, click here.

The male beard will contain more bacteria than the coat

In a study on the possible transmission of diseases between dogs and humans, researchers from Hirslanden Clinic, Switzerland, found that male beards contained several bacteria and bacteria from the canine coat. The researchers first took beard samples of 18 men aged 18 to 76 and a neck of 30 dogs of different races to compare bacterial quantities. "Our study shows a significantly higher bacterial load on male beards than on dog fur". All participants had a microbial colony high, while this was the case only in 23 of the 30 dogs: 7 had a moderate microbial colony. "To read more, click here.

Alzheimer's disease: a synthetic protein developed to block the development of the disease

Today, about 850,000 people are suffering from Alzheimer's disease in France. Two million marks can be reached by 2030, as the population ages, and age is the main factor of the disease. We still do not know the reasons for this pathology, but we know how it manifests itself. Proteins, beta-amyloids, accumulate abnormally in the brain to form plaques and lesions afterwards. American researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle and other research centers across the country developed a synthetic peptide, or a small protein that blocks beta amyloid and makes it less harmful. The synthetic peptide overlaps in a structure called an alpha list. We are telling you more in our article.

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