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Daniel, 89, killed in Anderlecht: mystery and anxiety of the whole neighborhood


His neighbors: "Daniel was definitely open to someone who knew or had the key. "

Because of the hedge, Dominic Jobe has a partial view, from his kitchen, on Homer Street No. 12, the crime house.

This house, in the garden town of Mortebek in Anderlecht, is where Daniel Wander Meuther, 89, was killed two weeks ago. There is nothing in the investigation that the prosecution has just summoned for witnesses who invite anyone who knew the old man or who would notice suspicious deeds near his home the previous day on Saturday, October 5 to manifest (0800 30 300).

Dominic Foste, 62, regularly crossed over to his neighbor. "Every time I take my dog ​​out and he's on his doorstep, I would say Daniel was a little awkward, as we can be at this age." And deaf: his neighbor who goes too far in his 90s sometimes does he regretted the volume of his music, that he put it down to the bottom without even realizing it. However, Daniel was greatly affected by his wife's death, although he lost his wife there. He often told me about his wife, for whom he suffered. "

From the drama that remains unexplained, "I hear just fine: my neighbor worked at a Moliere Avenue jewelry store and continued well after retirement."

Daniel Wander Meuther was among the elders in Garden City. "He has lived here for more than thirty years, you wouldn't find anyone to argue with, and at 89, he was still in amazing shape, driving, and on his car you will see a few plaques long ago. He was a man of habit, I always watched him go in the same direction, he walked the path of the Ninove, never in the other direction, he ran his garden, which is not a small garden, he cut his hedges. For 89-year-old man, Daniel was full of energy, to say he is physically fit to defend himself? “

According to the investigation, Daniel Wander Meuter, who lived alone, was to be killed (three (?) Stab wounds) on Saturday, October 5th. "In memory, I saw him early Wednesday morning, he was in his pajamas, in the garden, in front of his house, in a gray bathrobe, I had lunch with Duch, and we were greeted. He planted it a few years ago, and the Christmas tree became huge, fearing the storm would make it fall on its roof, his last words being: & # 39; Come on, it's time, I'll wash it. "

The town of Mortebek, which houses dozens of houses, lives in concern. "The neighborhood dates back to the 20s, we have a lot of old people, we all know each other. It's a neighborhood where we feel good and haven't slept for two weeks. "

Saturday Night 5 to Week 6 Dominic Foste and his wife, who went out, did not notice anything special. Although he was a close neighbor, the couple had not been heard. "What should we say?"

Rumors of neighborhood reports came three weeks earlier on the issue of money. "I also heard this rumor circulating."

From the side of the house, the front door was not forced. "Now, the door has a human-height window, so it must be considered that Daniel opened it to someone who knew or who had the key."

Did he yell? "The neighbor heard nothing." The lady, in fact, is 87 years old. And that's the one who complained about music.

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