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Competition for lime: Flash electric scooters land in Brussels


Flash, a mobile-based company based in Berlin, today starts the first phase of its projects in Brussels with labeled black electric scooters "This is not a scooter" ("This is not a scooter").

Thus, they will be available near the border crossings for public transport as an alternative to the car, and as a solution to the last mile's transport.

Indeed, from today, passengers arriving at the Brussels-Midi station will be able to continue their journey thanks to the black electric scooters decorated with the phrase "This is not a scooter" / "This is not a scooter" proposed by Flash. "This is not the commitment of Rene Magritte," this is the first phase of the deployment of Flash in Brussels. For this purpose, the company mainly intends to offer a mobility solution, in complementarity with STIB and SNCB. Electric scooters are a safe, comfortable, affordable and convenient alternative to inefficient cars. Flash coordinates with the city of Brussels, as well as other European cities, to actively promote this change in the mentality at the level of mobility, given the greener and greener future.

Solutions for the first and last miled

Flash is a European micro-mobility company headquartered in Berlin. The company is now ready to present its first mobility solutions, after the largest European funding for the A Series in technology, for around 55m euros. Tim Ruki-Berger, co-founder of Flash and Brussels, explains: "European public transport network is one of the best in the world. However, this can often seem fragmented. By definition, the subway can not stop at the door of every citizen. As a result, Flash scooters can help solve this problem by integrating with public transport bids, making it an effective and acceptable solution for the last mile. Therefore, we are focusing on deploying scooters around transit stations and railway stations during the first phase of our launch, in order to provide an efficient means of transport for the last mile. We work with Brussels to ensure a responsible evolution of operations, neat streets and ultimately the safety of scooters and citizens".

Pascal Smet, the Brussels Minister for Mobility, cordially greeted Blesok: "I believe in joint mobility solutions in Brussels. Our city is built as a car town thanks to the development of major road infrastructure and car parks. The city of the future must be designed on a human level for the citizens. The individual car will be replaced by shared mobility solutions. Electric scooters can cover the first and last kilometers or make unplanned trips..

The solution is adjusted to Brussels

Flash develops its own scooters, adapted to the specifics of Brussels, and even plans to offer them soon in Brussels. Food management, topography, terrain characteristics, weather conditions and integration with public and private transport are all elements that are taken into account to provide the best possible experience for the public. consumers.

The goal of Flash is to satisfy as many as possible needs in terms of mobility. Electric scooters are just the beginning of the full range of the next generation of micro-mobility options the company currently is working on.

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