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Comment using nouveaux gestes tactiles d'iOS 13?

With iOS 13, Apple has simplified the text editing and facilitation of navigation on the iPhone. It is not possible to apply the tool bar to select content, copy or collage, iOS 13 allows you to perform certain actions in one or more tactile actions. Other nuveaux raccourcis tactiles fonts are also available for ease of navigation in the app.

1. Move fast to the curve

Of the keywords, certain users are expected to be able to rapidly deploy the cursor while maintaining the device provided on the iOS keypad for the iPhone with 3D Touch, or on the other bar for more. the facade glisser sur ce dernier.

This feature is currently available, but iOS 13 simplifies encrypting it even though it is not possible to deploy the cursor. You have to keep the glue glued directly to the text to move the curve or mark it.

2. Select two texts

Selection of text for the suppressor, the form or the copier shall not be effective in dislodging the two points specified for this use. It is also possible to use beaucoup plus fastener using tapes:

  • Tap on a motor for the selector
  • Tapez three times to get a motto for selecting the original phrase
  • Tap this box to select a weather for the paragraphs inside.

3. Copiez-collez rapidement

Pour coupler, copier or text collar, iOS varies from trademark to trademark that is intended to be used in long text applications.

Vous pouvez maintains the beaucoup plus quick access to the gate:

  • Pincz votre screens à trois doigts pour copier du texte
  • Pincz voted to have three or more suites for the coupler
  • Carter pulls three on the screen (as a zoom on all three) for the collar

iOS 13 is inaugurated by such nouveau bares, permitting no action, or using copier-collar tools. Pour l'afficher, fetch a tape of three on the screen of the apparatus.

4. Annulez et retablissez, in one hand

Annuler promptly that you have a virtual machine to allow you to access the app in a legible way. iOS 13 va toutefois plus offers gestures to annul or rearrange the action:

  • Tap two or three to cancel the action
  • Faites glisser trois doigts vers la gauche to annuler dernière action
  • Wait for glisser trois doigts to adjust annulment action

5. Difficulties with content plus rapidement

Take advantage of the content on the screen of the iPhone to make it look glisser sonic on the hood or on the bass. More than just a surge in surge of interest or otherwise the defaults to navigate are a plus plus quick quit.

Maintenez votre do appété sur celui-ci et faites glisser votre doigt for déplacer et faire defiler plus rapidement voter contenu.

6. Select fastening plusieurs fichiers

Dance Fichiers, Dance Mail, or more Dance Messages, have a fast selection of more than two elements of a coupon.

Two glitches can be performed on e-mails, conversations, messages, or messages to perform a multiple-report selection. Vous pourrez alors supprimer, déplacer, partager, etc. more than one element at a time.

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