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"ce sera pour la retiree suivante", by Caroline Désir

The Minister of Education of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation Caroline Désir (PS) is the Minister for the Study of "Jeudi en Prime".

Nathalie Maleux and François De Brigode discuss the issues raised by differing insiders in three equalizations. Don't donate more than two hours to attend the premiere salon.

The minister estimates that this situation "liée with humane erasers"Est"inacceptableThe nouvelle minister of education and finance of the Minister of Budget on contact with the administration. One of the most devoted agents will be paid, dealt with. Désir.

After modification the inscriptions are immediately modified

In accordance with the provisions of the Convention, the major part of the convention shall be to revise the prescriptions required to make the critical number of articles available. The Minister also confirmed that the procedure was not followed until the end of September 2020. The elephants who enter the second phase of the procedure do not receive any prescriptions fixed by the directive.

"You're looking for temps, it's not the only justification left. It is possible to serialize traffic to prevent chaos and revision of files, files devoid of cells."

Les délais sont serres para imaginare revision of the technically complex and politically sophisticated. Or the procedure for inserting a number of data. "On this déjà au mois d'octobre. You are assuming you have the sera for your current rental. Un or de travail not sera pas de trop", says Caroline Désir who is a participant in the debate on whether or not this Wallonia-Brussels Federation has been disbanded.

Covenant of Excellence: the minister did not insist on the continent

Quantifying a Pact of Excellence, the Minister for the Prevention of Disease Prevention Minister Marie-Martine Schyns (cdH): "This reform does not install on quinze ans. It is important to have a continuous message to the actuators."

This reform does not allow for francophone integration with plus efficace. There is one station of the Saint-Louis rectangle, which has a comparable 28 types of design, the Wallonie-Brussels Federation system, which is designed for both the performer and the coauthors. The minister said: "You're in a rush to rejoind. These constants are set by the assembly of the actuators. C'est pour all that quotes a pacte d'excellence in place. On ne peut plus that contenter du status quo."

Scarlet rhythms: du changement en vue?

In the course of the interview, the minister admits that scythian rhythms are available to the legislature. "Surf the scarf, as well as a few moments astonished by rhythms, expline Caroline Désir. Mais la minster reconnaissance qu'il s'agit là dun sujet tabou. All of this is the touch of the peer-to-peer scolaires and the habitat. You are about to conclude the concert. Regard the flow of professors and infants immediately after entering the cells."

Without a date on a date for this reform of the rhythm of the scorpions, the minister would have to do with the application of the mandate.

You are in the middle of a photo by Ahmed Laaouej

In the course of the interview, Brussels responded to questions on the bat for the presence of the PS section in Brussels. Deux candidates are not fronted, with the risk of separating the federation.

The two squads for the preservation of this important federation of the Socialist Party were nominated by Ahmed Laaouej as a party and Rachid Madrane de l'autre. La ministre de l'Education a choisi son camp. Elle propose his son to the team ported by Ahmed Laaouej. "Mais je voudrais qu'on parle pas de lutte fratricide, précise-t-elle. You voudrais surtout laisser la place au debate."

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