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Buying in French supermarkets will cost more than this Friday

The prices of hundreds of high-profile food products will increase.

onPrices of hundreds of food products from the top brands on Friday will increase in supermarkets, but they are expected to reduce those from private labels: a pledge to defend agriculture, amid a "yellow vest" for purchasing power.

French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume confirmed Wednesday: on February 1, tariff increases will intervene on 4% of consumer foods, with brands known as Nutella, Ricard or Coca Cola. The reason? An increase of 10% in the "resale threshold at a loss" imposed by the recent food law. The government intends to force distributors to sell even their products calling at prices of at least 10% higher than those they have bought and to stop selling at a loss.

To buy the purchasing power of small producers

The state hopes that the distribution will be able to better pay producers from the agricultural and aquaculture sector, who are suffocating and disappearing, regularly paid below their cost. Since farmers and producers come out each year, they stand in front of the rationing price negotiations that are being held from October to the end of February, faced by giants from agribusiness and especially the powerful central distribution supply.

The supermarkets "500 products of 13,000" should be increased on Friday, while hypermarkets "are about 800 products of 20,000," said the French Minister of Agriculture.

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