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Burned fire on the roof of the UvK Tivoli


No injuries were required, the fire was quickly controlled.

Rebelled and struggling to panic in the city of the wolves, on Monday night. And for good reason! About 20:35, La Louviere firefighters were called to respond to a fire reported on the roof of one of the buildings in the Tivoli hospital and broadcast a thick black smoke, visible for miles around.

Rapidly on the spot, men from the fire increased their efforts and after half an hour they became lord of the fire. The reconnaissance posts from the barracks near the rescue area of ​​Hentai, including tanks and additional officers, were called to the site. A total of 14 firefighters were mobilized.

There are no harm to happiness to condemn. As a safety measure, some patients were evacuated, but the building worried by fire, wing H, places the administrative services and thus does not accommodate a hospital bed. Luckily, the fire was declared evening, the administrative staff no longer occupied the premises. As for the dialysis service, which is located near the home, it did not have to be evacuated.

At around 22 o'clock, only one truck for fire protection was still on site to secure the premises. This morning on Tuesday, hospital management will look at the situation with several departments, including those that have been affected. According to firefighters, the cause of the fire is accidental and is associated with an electrical problem in the units for supplying and extracting roofs on the roof. The fire spread to the roof, resulting in thick, black smoke. The recent construction of the H-wing probably limits the damage. In fact, concrete structures prevent vertical spread of the fire. Only the technical installations and the roof are affected and damaged.

Of course, the fire that breaks down in the hospital always mixes. It will be remembered that in 2016, was the Warquignies hospital that fell prey to the fire. Not less than five floors had to be evacuated, one hundred people. The disaster plan was activated as a security measure.

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