Sunday , July 25 2021

Brain fog, risk of stroke or memory loss: these side effects of Covid that affect our brain in the long run

The direct role of Covid-19 on neurons is increasingly being confirmed.

The symptoms and side effects of Covid-19 still do not reveal all their mysteries. According to the latest research on this topic, we have learned that the virus would also affect our brain. Indeed, a study conducted by Yale University in the United States, the Brain Institute, and the Pietier-Salpetrier Hospital in France suggests that Sars-CoV-2 may infect our neurons.

Posted in Journal of Experimental Medicine, the results “Suggest that the neurological symptoms associated with Covid-19 may be related to the consequences of direct viral invasion of the central nervous system.”.

A recent English study of more than 200,000 patients who presented with Covid was able to demonstrate that the estimated incidence of neurological or psychiatric consequences at six months was 33.6%, of which 12.8% were unaware of such diseases before infection. with Covid- 19 (stroke, dementia, psychotic disorders). “Therefore, it is up to us to remain even more vigilant about early detection of brain diseases for optimal management and thus limit their additional human, medical, economic and cultural costs.”, points out Dr. Gianni Franco, a neurologist at Namur-Dinant University Hospital at UCL.

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