Sunday , April 11 2021

Bernard de la Villardier takes a chronicler again!

Last January, Gills Verdez violently attacked Bernard de la Villiers, a few days later M6 broadcast numberExclusive investigation right "Love and Sex in the Maghreb". "It is a hypocrisy, it makes us believe that these are reports of society and are still very ideologized: stigmatization of Muslims, ostracization," it's bad that you do "the vessel!"

In a statement, M6 had "called for a break in this breaking campaign". "This chronicler, whose sole talent is an insult, and business controversy has made inadequate remarks about Bernard de la Villardier in the past."

The chronicler later replied, saying he was shocked "by a channel he (he) appreciates and looks very often." "Campaign for revenge" seems to have been organized, voluntarily, that I organize against him something that would be incredible violence, and not at all! I see in all his shows, and God knows if it's cleaning very often, I see everything. I give my opinion on Exclusive research "he said. "I think that it's very often stigmatizing the Muslims who are gifting me. There is nothing against the person, that's his job I judge. And I am here and for that, to give my opinion.

A new episode in this war! In an interview with TV Mag, the journalist of the sixth simply dropped: "I do not want to argue with Gills Verde. It's not my level. "

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