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bentôt a sanguin test for trouver le bon treatment

Cancer is one of the major causes of depression in monde. In 2015, a total of 8.8 million units were sold at LOM. There are several cancers, including pancreatic cancer, two chemo and two rectal cancers. The premiere is one of those plus mortars: the cause of the deaths of 1.69 million people in 2015. It is quite ironic, however, to see a major advance in the treatment of this affliction. The results presented by the Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) refer to a patient in Barcelona (Spain) on 27 September on 1 October, plus more and more patients undergoing advanced lung cancer. voir offrir a sanguin leur test to select the treatment plus adapted for maladie. Using a technique of detecting morphological minuscule cells from adenovirus-free tumor cells, the test is performed to identify complex mutations involving patients with cancer of the non-petite cell (CPNPC). The most common form of cancer is pneumonia (80 to 85% of cases).

Identifies the mutations through the treatment adapter

In the current phase of BFAST treatment, 2 219 patients undergoing CPNPC stage IIIB / IV treatment have a mean duration of 12.6 months. These individuals are subjected to sound analysis by point-of-sale technology to verify the presence of multiple genetic mutations of conductors. Results: environ 1 of 20 represents a rearrangement of the ADN tumor in the ALK gene. These mutations were identified and the treatment adapted selectively, plus three quarts of patients treated with alectinib, an anticancer treatment eligible for ALK mutation, with no sign of progression of maladaptation over a course of 12 months.

"One or more major changes involved in the treatment of CPNPC is a notation capable of identifying genetic mutations that drive malignant progression, which is very different from that of an appropriate tumor extender for analysis. The liquid biopsy was then used to detect a complex type of conductor mutation, called ALK, in patients with CPNPC mutations. The cells were then reported to at least some of the therapies used in these techniques. biopsy conventionnelles ", by Dr. Shirish Gadgeel, author of The Rogel Cancer Center at the University of Michigan (United States). "Liquid biopsy through an identifier of a similar proportion of patients presenting with ALK mutations in the report of traditional biopsy and results obtained with the comparator falling relative to a single pivotal point of treatment," reads .

"A lure of technology, technologie is assez couse"

"The rearrangement of all ALKs detected in the BFAST stream is generally detectable, which is important for the device to be detected in the sang and used to guide ALK inhibitor treatment." efficacy has been demonstrated by all patients presenting with this mutation, "commented by Professor Alberto Bardelli of the Department of Oncology at the University of Turin (Italy).

"It is encouraging to find a number of patients undergoing cancer of a benign benign lung biopsy to identify malignant mutation in the tissue scaffolds. Current technology, technology this is assez couse, including measuring sera plus remoteness used, diminuerable deviation, sorting out deviennent tests plus abordables and availability in primitive quotidienne ", ajoute-t-il.

Plus, 46,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed with cancer in France

These results are almost identical to the publication of an American essay with a clear picture on the subject. Right next to the dance floor eLife, two genetically coordinated mutations proving their evolution tumeurs malignes. About 75% of cases are due to mutations affecting two mechanisms involved in cellular cross-talk: concerning the PI3-kinase protein and the MAP kinase pathway. Grade to essays on genetically modified mutants, the markers on which two genetic mutations coordinate for the cause of the tumor crossing.

In detail, there are two types of pancreatic cancer: pancreatic cancer with petite cells and pancreatic cancer with no petioles. Primarily the respiratory tracts in the main respiratory tract of the bronchial apposed bronchi, which move at the center of the chakra posterior. On the petite cells the cancers resemble petites by microscopes. Petites are more likely to be affected by the type of cancer plus aggression of pneumonia. On the web surtout chez les personnes aum fumé. Cancer of non-petite cells is quantified by more than 80% to 85% of pancreatic cancer cases.

In France, the lungs are more common in France than the prostate, both colorectal and the prostate. Chaque année, 46 363 nouveaux cas sont diagnostique, d'après Institute du du Cancer.

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