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Approaching the mineral tour, the big test of soft beers


Schmitt Vincent

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Thursday January 31, 2019 at 06:51

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Thursday January 31, 2019 at 07:33


While the Mineral Tour is approaching, Test-Achats tests soft beers.

Without alcohol, the party is more crazy. The slogan is well known, but the reputation of soft beers can not always be confirmed. Fortunately, among the first drinks and products available on the market, water (the main ingredient of beer, to remember) sank under the bridges and the quality of the beer by 0.0% has been greatly improved. Test-Achats decided, at the dawn of a new episode of a mineral tour, to look specifically at the quality of these soft beers.

In the beer's radius of your store, it's not a missing choice. In a bistro, on the other hand, a Belgian cafe of three does not introduce beer without alcohol in their menu. And if there is one, it will usually be more expensive than beer with alcohol degrees.

However 0% beer is trendy. "Good resolution, more frequent BAC on the roads and initiatives like the Mineral Tour, whose participants are committed to not drinking in February, drastically reduce alcohol consumption during the first months of the year. In addition, there are people who never drink alcohol because of religious reasons, or simply because they do not like it. ", says Test-Achas.


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