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Annuna De Wever, co-host of the "Youth for Climate", faces threats on Facebook


Annuna De Wever, who is not affiliated with the Antwerp Mayor, is one of the initiators of the "Youth for Climate" event at the Dutch-speaking site.

The latter was violently endangered through comments on Facebook, under the publication of
Humo Media. The sentence "
Gelukkig heeft and tweeloop twice " was written by a student who was contacted by our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws. It is difficult to literally translate the comment in French, but that may mean that the person responsible for the comment has a "double shotgun" and calls on Anna and her twin sister, Luke.

Following the discovery of this hate message, Catherine Van der Heiden, the mother of the two young girls, decided to appeal. For this lady, this message is unequivocal, it's a "death threat". Berheim's police opened the file.

"Just a joke"

The young student, who published this comment, seemed surprised at the end of the events. "
It was black humor, I do not mean seriously. I see so many rumors about Annun that circulate on social networks that I decided to post this message. It was just a joke."

Insufficient mea cult for Katrien van der Heiden, who does not accept the excuses of the student. "
Obviously we can not agree, but we will not start to threaten 17-year-old girls who do not harm the fly. It's totally disproportionate"she explained to HLN.

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