Wednesday , April 21 2021

Android: The problem with the security of the processor Qualcomm processor hits millions of smartphones

Millions of Android smartphones are the victims of serious security breaches. A computer security researcher discovered an anomaly in the processors manufactured by Qualcomm. Google quickly added a patch to the security patch in April 2019. Find out if your phone is affected by this breach.

Android error security qualcomm

A security breach was found in many chips produced by Qualcomm, we are reporting to our colleagues, ZDNet. The researcher, named Kigan Ryan, warns that an attacker can recover private data and encryption keys stored in a secure area of ​​Qualcomm components.

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Android: a list of vulnerable vulnerable processors

By exploiting the offense, an experienced attacker can use remote passwords and private data stored by certain applications. Obviously, the expert warned Qualcomm and Google of the existence of this disadvantage. As a reminder, the lack of this species has already touched the Qualcomm flea in 2015. Here list of affected Qualcomm processors mistakenly identified by Kigan Ryan:

  • IPQ8074
  • MDM9150
  • MDM9206
  • MDM9607
  • MDM9650
  • MDM9655
  • MSM8909W
  • MSM8996AU
  • QCA8081,
  • QCS605
  • Qualcomm 215
  • SD 210 / SD 212 / SD 205
  • SD 410/12,
  • SD 425
  • SD 427
  • SD 430
  • SD 435
  • SD 439 / SD 429
  • SD 450
  • SD 615/16
  • SD 415
  • SD 625
  • SD 632
  • SD 636
  • SD 650/52
  • SD 712 / SD 710 / SD 670
  • SD 820
  • SD 820A
  • SD 835
  • SD 845 / SD 850
  • SD 8CX
  • SDA660
  • SDM439
  • SDM630
  • SDM660
  • Snapdragon_High_Med_2016
  • SXR1130

As you can see, all the chips that supply the latest high-end Android smartphones are listed. Newer models, with Snapdragon 855, escape this defect. If your smartphone is equipped with SoC from the above list, we invite you to install it without further delay on the Android patches from April 2019.

As ZDNet points out, many smartphones can be vulnerable for several more months. Some of these processors actually feed the older ones or devices at the input level. In some cases, manufacturers will not find out to offer a bet. Many date devices receive security updates only every 3, 3 or 6 months. Have you already received a patch? Do you use a smartphone powered by one of these chips?

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