Saturday , February 27 2021

Anderlecht Sports Director Michael Versuren will present his strategy on Wednesday


Michael Verschueren, the new sports director of RSC Anderlecht, will present the strategy of the club's sports department in Brussels at today's press conference. This will be held at 11 am in the press hall of the stadium Stein Wenden.

The first season launched by RSC Anderlecht under his new name has not been so successful so far.

This has already provoked some "strong" decisions by President Mark Cook.

Michael Vershuren, the son of Michel Verheeren, the former right-hand man of Jean-Baptiste L & # 39; ekus (in Darring and RVDM), then Constant and Roger Vanden (in Anderlecht), was promoted to the general director athlete to the busy Lucky Devrown after the firing of Herman Van Helsbeck, who never appeared on the new table.

Former captain of Pär Zetterberg will also join the technical staff of Hein Wanasebruck in early January.

Other meetings and measures could (should) be published on Wednesday.

Anderlecht faces Spartak Trnava on Thursday, the fifth day of the group stage of the Europa League. But he has already surpassed his last chance to qualify for 1/16 round, losing 2-0 in Fenerbahce the previous day.

He was eliminated, 0-3, by his yellow and blue neighbor from Union Saint-Gillois (D1B), from his entry into the Belgian Cup.

He finally suffered his fourth defeat in sixteen games, 4-2 in Saint-Thrond, on Sunday in the league, which takes only fourth place. However, he started with two youngsters, Jari Versaren (17), and Jeremy Docu (16), mounted on the 78th place, which caused a sensation on the Stayen lawn.

They embody perhaps, no doubt, renewal of the club …

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