Saturday , June 19 2021

And if vegans were wrong? "Vegan diet is not natural"

Maïli Bernaerts


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The vegan diet, which excludes any animal protein, attracts more and more people, motivated mainly by ecological or animal welfare arguments. According to several experts, this feeding mode would be much less good than it seems. This is what Jérôme Bindelle, a professor at the Gembloux agronomic department, thinks.

Is it so natural without animal protein?

"If you are a vegan, you can not eat in a natural way, no human culture is vegan, but there are vegetarian cultures, and in India there are groups that only consume milk, for example, why is there no vegan culture? Just because it is deadly. The human body can not survive without eating protein of animal origin.To compensate for this, it is necessary to take pills, dietary supplements Vitamin B12, which can be found only here, is also found in beer, but not enough.Vegan diet does not allow to live close to nature. …)

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