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all mobilized to better control the disease

Sport as a treatment

“This is unprecedented because we were able to work under the auspices of the Ministries of Sport, Health and Environmental Transition,” said Chantal Raerison-Semien. “Three key points have emerged. The first refers to physical activity. We know that asthma management relies on medication and therapeutic education. But physical activity is also an integral part of a patient care journey. However, today the practice of sports remains an obstacle. Especially in schools. Hence the desire of the Ministry of Sports to provide educational content for better support of young asthmatics in school and out of school. »Elderly patients should be offered adapted physical activity sessions. Who can now prescribe the doctor. This is even more important because “sport reduces the need for treatment, the number of hospitalizations and improves the quality of life of patients. “

Therapeutic… digital education

Another subject that appears in therapeutic education. “We have at our disposal asthma schools that have done a great job in the past few years. But it is difficult to access for patients who need it. Not to mention that the proposed program is long. We propose to develop simplified therapeutic education, especially thanks to digital tools through the development of MOOC (online courses), in other words, distance education. “

Better to diagnose indoor pollution

Finally, the authors of the White Paper worked on indoor pollution. “For anyone suffering from asthma, it is important to identify the environmental factors that can trigger an asthma attack or maintain poor disease control,” he said. Raerison-Semjen. “Therefore, we must be more concerned about indoor pollution in relation to medical advisers in the indoor environment.” France is in dire need of a problem. “It is therefore essential to develop this service so that a proper diagnosis can be made of the internal quality of life of our patients.” “

33 proposals

In total, the White Paper includes 33 proposals. All were developed through collaboration, bringing together health professionals, learned societies, patient associations, and selected staff. “The idea is to take ownership of this white paper so that it can be brought to the attention of deputies, regional health agencies and all players who can help improve the quality of care for asthma patients at the local level,” concludes Professor Raerison. -Family.

The White Paper was developed at the initiative of the Pediatric Association of Pneumology and Allergology (SP2A), the French Federation of Associations and Friends of Patients, Insufficient or Disabled Breathing (FFAAIR), the French Federation of Pneumology (FFP), the Foundation for Society French Language (SPLF), Asthma and Allergy, French Society of Allergology (SFA), French Society of Official Pharmaceutical Sciences (SFSPO), French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU), with institutional support from AstraZeneca.

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