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After the donation on the presence of pesticides in aliments and water

The National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) has requested three of these to be provided by the Minister of Agriculture (MAPAQ), here. This is what the INSPQ is explaining to the Parliamentary Committee which studies the effects of pesticides on the plant and environment.

"Information is deficient in relation to the exposure to pesticides", says Nicole Damestoy, the former president of INSPQ.

The organism affirms that it has a sonic effect that demands access to it.

The nombreuses have incidences corresponding to endocrine and neurodevelopmental effects that survive in the prolonged exposure suite at low doses of a single substance, affirmed by Mme Damestoy.

For example, the additive effect of exposure to a mixture of different pesticides, all at doses far below the toxicity level, is documented herein.

"Epidemiological data quotes exist to document the effects of exposure to pesticides on the population or on agricultural transporters", a summary of the INSPQ, whichever existed tofoue there de l'étranger.

These effects are repetitive or long lasting, at least precisely.

There are professional users, cancers of the lungs and ganglia, prostate cancer or certain cerebral tumors with maladies to prevent the appearance of a lesion.

A "strong pre-decomposition" element has been observed for Parkinson's maladies.

The INSPQ requires that pesticide surveillance programs be used in alumni and other publicly funded waters.

Les producteurs maraichers rassurants

As part of the Association of Marquee Producers of Québec, this suite is guaranteed to have similar products conforming to the standard set by Santé Canada.

Maurice-Richard's liberal dissertation, Marie Montpetit, demanded of these reporters as "a population of eight more concerned about resettlement which is retrospectively followed by analysis."

The President of the Association, Jocelyn St-Denis, reports that 96% of the tested products refer to pesticide levels above the norm.

The production of horticole and maréchère québécoise respects the rules, at 96%, compared to Europe. The products are imported without respecting the norms. The population quibbles over a whole bunch of confusion in the production of fruits and vegetables [du Québec].

President of the Association of Marquee Producers in Quebec, Jocelyn St-Denis

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