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Accused of hit and escape, Gwyneth Paltrow could pay him dearly

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His prosecutor demands an incredible $ 3 million.

Back in February 2016. On vacation at the Deer Valley Resort, located in the Utah Mountains of the United States, Gwyneth Paltrow runs along the dusty trails with his family. In addition, the actress turned an entrepreneur [Elle a créé Goop, une marque de produits Lifestyle qui a fait les gros titres pour ses méthodes dangereuses] allegedly had an accident for skiing on the track. The man he encountered today complains, he does not learn Daily Beast. Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, blamed the star for hitting her in the back until she controlled her skis and escaped.

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Terry Sanderson also accused his ski instructor of giving false testimony to protect him. The latter allegedly accused him of causing the accident. At a press conference on Tuesday, Terry Sanderson said: "She came behind me and made me." She was out of control. She got up, turned and went to the skiing, leaving me surprised, lying in the snow and severely injured. "

Four broken ribs

As it is revealed by documents filed in court and that relays ABC News, the complainant explains that he suffered a brain injury and four broken ribs. He also explains that this event has "Lost Joey de Vivre"but also will be the victim of "Emotional stress" and a "Aesthetic Damage".

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For all this damage, adding medical expenses, Terry Sanderson claims Gwyneth Paltrow, his ski instructor, but also the Dreyl Valley resort, which he accuses of having "Left with severe head injuries", a net sum of $ 3.1 million. Representative of Gwyneth Paltrow, meanwhile, announced on the site TMZ : "This trial is based on completely unfounded facts. Anyone reading the facts is capable of realizing it."

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