Saturday , April 17 2021

A novelty in STIB for this April


Things are moving around the STIB network with new technologies coming!

First in Belgium, after commissioning the first electric and hybrid buses, the first articulated model of electric vehicles, replenished during the journey, was launched on the streets of the capital. "On arrival in September 2018 on complete electric midibuses, standard full electric buses in October 2018 and standard electric hybrid buses, now is turning the first articulated full electric buses to appear in public transport." Brussels explains the Brussels Society. These first vehicles are currently tested on line 64.

The specificity of these vehicles is a "charging option", which means that besides being charged in the depot, the batteries are also on the network, during the service, at the end of the line. This charging time is only six minutes to travel from terminal to end. The range is from 30 to 40 km, which is sufficient for normal operation (on average, the bus lines are 10 km long) and allows, if necessary, to "jump" a recharge when necessary.

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