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A game of thrones told by Booba, Kaaris, July, PNL, Sh … [VIDEO]

Posted on April 26, 2019 at 11:05, by Benmorin

If you missed the beginning.

A game of thrones told by Booba, Kaaris, July, PNL, Sh ... [VIDEO]

signed Fellow2.0, this video summarizes the saga for the original month Game of Thrones from the prism of the French rap. The concept is simple: every iconic scene in the series is accompanied by a blast line. And by chance, it works.

Rap evokes a game of thrones

Game of Thrones summarized by the French rap: at first glance, it may look like a stone. But, against all chances, he takes a sauce. Having done a titanic job, Fellow2.0 has just released a YouTube video that allows both (re-) to discover the cult passages of the HBO series, but also to enjoy a new light. Because Commented by Peppers signed with Booba, SCH, Ninho, Niska, Kaaris, NLPetc. Believe it or not, but this framework from nowhere even allows you to find yourself in the chronology of George R.'s work. Martin. If you needed a reminder before heading for Season 8, which is currently broadcasting on HBO and OCS, this is the perfect opportunity.

The last season is coming to an end

The machine returned a few days ago Game of Thrones needs to find its conclusion soon. In fact, May 19 will be the final episode of the saga. And already, some voices near the series have grown, to confirm that the conclusion will not satisfy everyone. They start betting to guess the identity of those who will be drawn out, those who will die to the end. To say: the uncertainty is at its height. However, once the series is over, fans will be able to review the different spin-offs in preparation. And then, HBO will broadcast the documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Clock May 26th, as if to say goodbye to the faithful who followed the show from its beginnings.

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