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a feasible means to enhance the risk of cardiovascular problems

A baby on a tropics feeble in the vicinity of the mondial organization of the santé. All signifie qué qué du 2.5 kilos, qui peut avoir d'importantes consequences sur sa sante. The Virginie-Occidentale Universe is no stranger to socio-poids than to attempt cardiovasculaires troubles.

We analyze the levels of cholestérol

The cherches ont collect the donations of 20 000 CM2 infants, all of which were virgin occidental between 1994 and 2010. They are of interest to the nymphs and to the active carcass mass, as well as to the triglycerides level and of cholestérol. "A number of low levels of cholesterol associated with high levels of cholesterol" plus "levels of" cholesterol "levels, explained Amna Umer, the principal author of this article. These enzymes also form triglyceride residues in the sang plus important. Such as cholesterol, such gases, are present in risk factors for cardiac arrest, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial malady.

Unfair poison of naissance is not fatal

"It seems like we have been spontaneous after the spontaneous disaster, according to Christa Lilly, co-author of the book, What a Sign of a Real Croissance in L'Utérus." Pour la scientifique, il intervenir pendente la grossesse d'identifieres de factoes augmenter augmenter a feeble poison of naivety, as a sublimation of laughter. There is no surveillance access by these infants, but they are not currently available. Plus measures are taken to reduce the risks. "Ensure that post-natal nutrition is adapted, controlled by nutrition and implemented to ensure the principles of balanced nutrition, physical activity, and prevention of risky complications such as stroke," concludes Amna Umer. .

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