Saturday , June 12 2021

A “circle of control” for those who are overwhelmed

Are you tired of prison? Ietuliet Dumas, wellness coach at RTL, offers you a solution, Saturday 28 November. “I met Marie-Caroline Peponette, the founder of Yoga 4, a yoga teacher at home and at school, from afar. would like “.

* Wondered how he could help them. She did not find a magic formula, but a technique that brings a lot of serenity, which is called a circle of control. And it’s not just for kids. What you will do is draw a circle and write in it what you can controle.g. what you eat, what you say, breathing, emotions. Then you will write from the outside everything you can not control “Government announcements, weather forecast, moods with each other.”

“It takes a lot of distance (…) to be gentler towards yourself (…), to feel easier accepting things as they are. What you can do besides that is copy this quote from Marcus Aurelius under the circle “That I should be given the strength to endure what cannot be changed, and the courage to change what can be changed, but also the wisdom to distinguish one from another.”

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