Wednesday , June 16 2021

Zidane returns, will return Ronaldo?

Zidane returned to Rial on condition that he wanted full authority of the team. Photo: AFP

Zardari and Ronaldo left Real Madrid at the start of the season, breaking the star's hat. Nine months after going to Zidane – Suzie returned to the agents of President Florentino Perez. The Master came, Ronaldo from the Guadalajara Juventus?

Zidane always said he had left Real Madrid for the benefit of the club. Even when I came back to Rial, I said the same thing. As Zidane says, the real incident was that Zinedine withdrew because he could not agree with Real Madrid's team-mate Florentino Perez. Zidane wanted to sell Gareth Bale and arrange a team around Ronaldo. On the other hand, Perez thought Ronaldo's time was over, the team was formed around the bell. After nine months of Zidane, Moti returned to Perez after seeing the team's accident, saying Zidane had returned to Suzie. Now the question is whether Ronaldo will return?

The issue was raised at today's press conference by Zidane. And then all the speculation – this French legend dipped some water ", I do not think it's time to talk about this topic (returning to Ronaldo) .We still have to play 11 league matches, it is necessary to pay attention first. We are thinking about Cristiano, he is one of the best players in the history of the club, but today is not the time to talk about those things. "

Tip is clear. Ronaldo has no hope of looking at Real Jersey. After leaving Real Madrid, Zidane was practically unemployed. No other club has taken responsibility. It's time to sit, sit and watch the game. As a result, the "unemployed" Zidane is the only one to return.

But Cristiano Ronaldo did not repeat this. Ronaldo is not unemployed! On the contrary, Juventus brought Ronaldo from Real Madrid, making him his most valuable player in history. Juventus coach Massimiliano Aligri has organized his team around Ronaldo. Ronaldo is illuminated the same way in Juventus It's stupid to expect that Ronaldo will return to Real Madrid. Ronaldo's relationship with the Real President is not the same as him. Ronaldo has decided to leave Real Madrid after Perez does not have the same importance as before. Ronaldo tried to make Perez pay his salary equal to Messi and Neymar.
Zidane's relationship with the real president worsened after the end. As I said earlier, Zidane did not want his team to be a bell. He has already understood that the team has reached its peak with all of its capabilities. And once it reaches the top, it can only go one way down. This was understood by Zidane. Club president Florentino Perez asked Zidane to leave Gareth Bale, but left Ronaldo. But he did not work on the request. In 2013, Perez wanted to make a real world record for the World Cup in Wales. Ronaldo was indispensable to him. As a result, the French legends realized that the true spine was lost. If Ronaldo is not there, then he can not hide. So it means cut off. Zidane will not be eligible for full authority in Real Madrid's activities, this was also the main reason for leaving the Zidane club. Zidane was wrong, realizing this moment every moment of the Real Madrid season.
As a result, now Zidane came, Paresh assured him that he would be the last speaker of the Real Composition and Twenty-Twenty. Zidane called for change The news that is not good for some of the stars of the team. In front of them, Gareth Bale must For almost six years, we still can not speak Spanish well. He has no friendly relationship with the rest of the team. The rest of the team does not go anywhere with the players, do not go out and go around. Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibo Corta said it was a while ago. As a result, Bel's return means that Ball's departure is safe. Colombian star Hamas Rodriguez, who could not be fit for Zidane's plans, may not return to Real Madrid after completing a deal with Bayern, it can also be said.

As a result of Zidane's arrival, another star could face his face, Neymar said for a long time Neymar was interested in real Despite interest, Neymar could not bring him to the club, behind him there was Zidane. Zidane did not want anyone in the team to be more interested in the title titles in the field of leatherworking as soon as the foundations are working. After Zidane's departure, the probability of returning Neymar to Riyal has increased slightly. Neymar and his father told the newspapers by interviewing them without leaving PSG, leaving for two days in Real. As we return to Zidane, it is said that this is no longer.

Now it is understood that Zidan signed a three-year contract with Real, after all issues related to Zidan's debate have the right to full power. Perez, who is ready to give Zidane £ 300m for kicking a team, was heard. The money Ronaldo will bring with Zidane's ideal choice. It could be Chelsea's Belgian striker, Aden Hazard, and PSG's French star, Kilian Mbabéo, may be.

After leaving Zidane-Ronaldo, some of the players lost their place from the original XI. Those who were an integral part of Zidane's team. Like Marcelo, Isco. During Solaris, these two goods were made from the original XI. It seemed that they could leave the club. Zidane means that someone from Marselo and Isko will not have to leave anymore. He has repeatedly shown under Zidane that the Isco, which is in the shape of what might be the greatest weapon of Real Madrid.

He must make changes to the team for a regular win. Zidane called the change, he is the greatest means of making changes, he himself.

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