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Zahir Rajhain Film Institute started

Last Wednesday was the death of Zahir Raihan, a bright star of literature and film. The Zahir Raihan Film Institute started its trip on the occasion. Zahir Raihan's younger sister, Shaheen Shaw, was the main guest at the inaugural ceremony. In addition, the special guest was the director of the film "Suja Digal Bavanov" Mashuddin Shacker, film teacher, researcher and critic Anupam Hayat, UALB teacher Sadzad Hossein and many others. It is reported that at the beginning of the film institute "Zahir Rajhan" will be released a three-month course for evaluating the film. Later in the film will be presented various specialized courses. The main goal of the Zahyer Reihan Film Institute is to spread the philosophy of director Zahir Reihan to filmmakers in Bangladesh and classical filmmakers. In addition, filmmakers, including Hirral Sen, Tarek Masoud, Anwar Hossein and others on the left side of Bangladesh's film, reached the film scene in Bangladesh with their wide-ranging discussion. In addition, the film will be taught in various technical aspects. Upon completion of the study, students will learn to make films making a movie. The governing body of the Zahir Rajhan Film Institute will be with the widow of Zahir Raihan Sudharmini Chitraanka Sukhchanda. The Zahyer Rihian Film Institute took over the chief executive of Shankar Sandzal. In addition, the filmmaker Pradip Goss will be director of the course at the institute, and the film coordinator will be director Susirame Senna.

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