Sunday , January 17 2021

With Koyel once again, Zait will start from the end


Together with Koyel once again, actor "Talegaon" Zit will begin from the end. The actor will make a romance with which you do not need to think of anything else. This love is not in reality, it will be on the screen display. The name of the photo starts from the & quot; end & quot ;.

Photographer Raj Chakraborti, once again on his side, the popular parody Zeit-Koyal returns to the screen. Recently, the poster of this Jeet-loyal couple picture was publicly announced. Jit will be seen in the role of Mahid in "From the Beginning", and Kule will be his poioarin.

A photo poster shot on social media by Jit


Jet Film Workers produce the picture. Apart from Coyle, the film will feature Ritvari Chakraborti. Before that, Jeet-koyela Jodi was seen together on the screen of Raja Chand, I love her (in the movie) (2017). After two years, this couple returns to the screen again. Photo shooting in London

Immediately after the poster "Kinnapi" of the couple Dev-Rukmini, Zhit told them to open the posters from the very beginning. However, the poster is published publicly in Paishan Baishakh.

However, the poster of these two films Talaaganj comes out on a special day, but both are released from "Eid" – that is, the box office should say that these two stars will be challenged. Previously, Jeth's photograph was published by his father-in-law. Where were Kisani Mukherji and Chiranjit Chakraborti with Zeit,

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