Wednesday , May 12 2021

Why the observer will not send elections to the EU, said the representative of the Standing

The European Union will not send an observer to the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. Today's EU representative, Ranien Terenk, said: "It's not possible to form an observer team in such a short time, so this decision."

At a meeting with the Election Commission on Wednesday afternoon, she said: "But there will be a small group of experts who will monitor the situation during the election period."

Referring to these elections as the main challenge, the representative of the residence said: "The EU wants a fair poll".

Earlier on Tuesday, a parliamentary statement issued by the European Parliament (EP) said parliamentary elections would not be respected in Bangladesh. It says: "The European Parliament will not follow the election process. As a result, they will not comment on the election process or the subsequent results."

Even a member of the EPP was not allowed to follow or comment on these elections (Eleventh Parliamentary Election Campaign).

In a statement, they also said: "If any of our members comment on this, it will in no way be a comment from the European Union or the European Parliament."

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