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Which party will go to the party Jation after Ershad?

After the death of former army general General Hussein Muhammad Ershad, how relevant is Bangladesh's politics as its political party? Many began to ask this question.

General Ershad managed to keep himself relevant to the power and voting policies in Bangladesh for nearly three decades, after being ousted by a coup and jailed for corruption.

And the main political parties of Bangladesh, the Awami League and the BNP, often withdrew.

But after his death, the Jatiya Party can maintain the importance of what? If not, then what could be the effect of the policy?

General Ershad and his party Jatiya Party have been allies of the AAMI league for more than a decade in the polls.

The Jacy party participated directly from the Great Alliance led by the AAMI League of the Ninth Election Parliament in 2008.

After that, on the unilateral elections on January 5, 2014 – even against General Ershad's will – the Jamaiya party had to stay with the Awami League. Then many of the party leaders were not pressed for that nuisance.
In the last eleven parliament, the Jatiya party, with the Awami League, sits on the opposition headquarters with 22 seats.

The General Secretary of the Avaimi League, Mahbubul Alam Hanif, said they believe the position of the Jatiya party in the voting policy has become irrelevant.

"At one time, many people supported the Jatiya party, perhaps in the politics of voting with Ershad there was accounting, but in the last 10 years his request disappeared."

Mr. Hanif said: "It does not matter how much power is going with its force in the absence of General Ershad." But the A-League will always take the liberation war in one platform and it will continue. "

Another big party of the BNP also tried many times to bring the party Jation from the ball to the AAMI league.

General Ershad returned shortly after joining a four-party alliance led by the BNP in 1998.

BNP General Secretary Mirza Fahrul Islam Alamir admitted that he was trying to divert General Ershad from both sides to a BBC question.

However, he said, the influence of the party "Jacy" has come down from the last few elections.

"It is your truth, there is no way to deny that there are more issues in Parliament, where they have controlled the voting of a particular region, and therefore his party's support was very important in the parliamentary system."

"However, this trend has decreased so far, now the position of the Jatiya party has become very weak in Rangpur," – said Mr. Alamgir

"As a result of Ershad's absence, the Jacy Party does not seem to be in that position."

Many political analysts still look at the perspective of the present. Many of them said that the Awami League is in power in the third stage. The Avai League has long been considered the only party in this long period.

Analysts believe that the party Yatiya or some other party has become irrelevant.

The political analyst prof. Ruahan Yahan said that Bangladesh's political polarization is now another look.

Miz Yahan says: "The Jati party was not a model based party, it was a picture of Eredija's party, and now it's doubtful whether the party will survive."

"We talked about the two main parties in the voting policy, but I do not think the BNP is in the parliament since 2014. And we can not say how big a group is, so I say that the political polarization of our country Now it will be another way."

In addition, party leaders and activists also question how Ershad's decisions are made in politics, according to dozens of cases involving murder and corruption, after being ousted in 1990.

However, General Ershad believed that the party was in a position of power as a third party in the relevant position, as its leaders say.

But the member of the Presidium of the Jatiya party, Ziyaddin Bablu, said they would try to keep the influence of their party in check.

Analysts believe the leadership of the Jaitika party is divided into a domestic conflict and therefore doubt their future.
Source: BBC

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