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Where to get Tk 12 crown loan for leather supply: -804918 | The voice of time

The fact that the dance owners are drying their throats first of all for lack of money is not bought with the information available from the bank. The information that slim owners hear about the price of leather on the international market is incorrect. Government and private banks have so far compiled a list of how much money the arrangement owners have borrowed to buy raw leather. Owners of the greens have been found to have borrowed a Tk 322 canopy to buy only raw leather so far. Slim owners have been given a loan of Rs 1 to buy raw leather from four state-owned banks in the last three months. But property guards say they have not received fees from the painters. The question is, where is the money taken from the bank to buy leather?

The exchange of heat and hawks before the Minister of Industry was held at a trade ministry meeting last week. Sources at the meeting say, petitioners want to know the fake product owners, 'You collected the money from the bank, but why don't you pay our fees?' In response, the dance owners asked for a bank loan because they couldn't understand it. land in the leather industry Savar. Not found The situation was calm following the intervention of Prime Minister Salman-Rahman's trade and industry adviser.

According to sources at a closed-door meeting at the ministry of commerce last week, thin owners say leather prices have fallen on the international market. Therefore, its demand in Bangladesh declined. The cost per square meter of skin is under one dollar from fake product owners. Slim owners demand 5 cents per square meter of leather. But last week, the Internet showed, on the international market, the price of leather per square foot is between $ 1.5 and $ 2.

At that meeting, Commerce Secretary Mofizul Islam also said that the information given to the owners of the fake products was incorrect. He said: "Owners say the price of leather on international markets is falling. But the information we have on hand says that the price of leather does not go down. & # 39;

In the last 5 years of its history, this year's Aid to the Victim is the lowest selling price of leather. One cow worth Tk 1 lakh is sold for Tk only. Leather prices have been dumped in various areas of the country, including Chittagong, Sunamjan, Comilla. Some leave their skin on the road and leave. Conflicts between the owners of lace and lacquered products over the price of leather are on the rise. Both sides have begun complaining of revenge. However, he is expected to settle unlimited fees through the FBCCI on August 22.

But when it came to discovering the reason for the allegations of truth, it was found that despite the cash crunch, excuses were made for the owners of the bow. Because they received money from the bank, but did not pay the claimants' payments on time. Central bank data says the bank's total loan to the leather industry is now Tk 7,000 crore. Of these, only tannery owners have received the Tk 3,122 raw leather supply corolla. The remaining four thousand 3 rupees are distributed in the manufacture of leather products. And Bangladesh Bank data says that only 7% of the 7,700 benefit payments are distributed. However, most of these loans are allotted at a 5 percent interest rate, where other people are mistreated in order to lower the interest rates of other commercial banks. According to sources, Bangladesh Bank issued a circular on February 27, setting the loan for the export-oriented leather industry at 5 percent. Traders also get loans to buy raw leather.

Asked about the coordination of the Bangladeshi Tanner Association, Mohammed Alauddin, he told Voice yesterday: "Our relationship with the arbitrators is not one day but three years. When it comes to bankruptcy, he said: "We are financially disadvantaged by the transfer of the leather industry from Hazaribag to Savar." It cost us a lot of money to build the infrastructure there. Because of this, many became in debt and could not pay their outstanding arrears. "

The information available on Kal's voice says that the Hannah Bank had the highest loan for the collection of raw leather – a crown of one thousand Tk. Rupali Bank gave a crown of Rs 12 crore, Agrani Bank gave a crown of 5 crowns and Islami bank gave a Tk 20 crown. The arbitrators demand that the owners of the refrigerator owe them 5 million Tk. Not only that, the dance owners do not repay the loan with the bank. Bank loans are purchased to buy leather. The three Crescent Group institutions are funded against the three companies discussed in the secrecy sector.

On the eve of the discovery that the outstanding arrears were not paid off, they were contacted by a number of prominent leather businessmen in the country, including Chittagong, Natore, Kustia, Naogon, who collected the skin from the grass roots and sold it to the owners of the tannery. . Leather Anish Kuraishi, secretary general of the Kustika Leather Dealers Association, has sold Crescent Leather, Dhaka Yates, Samina Tanner, Pearl Tanner, Anwar Tanner, Sonar Bangla Tanner. It has a crisp balance of Tk 5 in these dishes. In a frustrated voice, Kvoraishi told Voice yesterday: "All fried owners turned off their cellphone. Unless we pay the fees, we will not sell the leather. "But he asked the government to lend leather owners a loan from their pastures that collect leather. Such anarchy will be reduced to some degree. Chittagong leather dealers association president Abdul Quader said they would receive a Tk 1 crown from the owners of the fake products. These include Dhaka Fides, Mitali Tanneri, Sabo Tanniri Brothers. But not a single penny was received from these vessels.

Finance Minister ACM Mustafa Kamal said at a ceremony in the capital on 4 August: "The loan is secured by the bank by selling leather every year. This year is paid more than any other year. Even if the skin doesn't sell, why not buy it, why buy it now – these things must be understood. "

The Hannah Bank has until today approved an institution's Tk 1 crown loan. In addition, another RS ​​1 crown loan has been made against Anwar Tanner, eight crowns to Mukti Tanner and one to Comilla Tanner.

Silver Bank approved a Tk 20 crown loan to three leather buying companies. These are the Crown of Bengal Leather 1, Crown of Samina 1 and Hemp of H&H, Taneni 22. The managing director (Dr) of Rupali Bank, Ataur Rahman Pradan, said that those who are good at borrowing are given a loan.

Agrarian Bank approved a Tk 5 crown loan to five companies to buy the victim's skin. These are Dhaka Fyder and skins 1m, lords Apex Tanner 1m, Bi-tanners 1m, M / Fancy Leather Enterprise 5m. RS and Doyle International TR 1.5 crown.

Sonali Bank offers a loan of Rs 20 to Amin Tanner, 20 crowns to others from Kalam and 20 crowns to Vulua Tanner. The bank's managing director, Ubaid Ullah al-Masoud, said the same amount had been given to the three companies in the previous year. Several private banks are also offering loans to buy leather.

Entrepreneurs in the sector claim there is no money to buy leather before the victim's Eida begins. But central bank statistics say that most of the lending to the sector is not repaid every year. Loans to the sector have returned somewhere in the last two to three years, but most of the previously borrowed loans have become obsolete.

In this situation, experts say, then where is the money in the bank loan? So the money from this sector loan is used in other sectors, or is it smuggled abroad?

Asked what the owner of leather skins, Jamsul Judah, intended for Kanta yesterday: “I have a Crown loan from Tk 5. However, I still haven't raised the money. I go out for treatment. Return is back on August 28. Then I'll distribute the money. '

Asked by Komila CEO Taneri Mahbubur Rahman, he said: "We have a bank loan. Payment of arrears is ongoing.

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