Friday , October 22 2021

Whatsapp messages can be deleted if users do not back up dgtl


All WhatsApp conversations can be deleted. Find out how to save.


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Whatsapp can not be saved as long as you like. At the beginning of the love days with a partner, valuable conversation of one or the other friend, the secret will no longer and forever, in four square things in hand. Because WhatsApp made the final decision.

A media report across India revealed that all of November 12 chats can be deleted if they do not have backups in Google Drive. In August of this year, WhatsApp was known for signing a contract with Google.

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Under this agreement, if you do not save the message in Google Drive, all messages will be deleted.

Not only since November 12, WhatsApp has already announced that if you do not back up your messages, all messages will be deleted from Google Drive after a year. So, those who have not done backups so many times, their message can be deleted.

Find out how to ensure the safety of WhatsApp chat,

• Go to WhatsApp settings. Go there and select the chat option.

• Then go to the new page. Choose "Chat Backup" here. Here you can see when the chat backup is being created.

• If the last day of the backup is a long time ago, select the backup to manually.

• Choose how many times you want to back up (Deli, Weekly, Manhattan).

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