Wednesday , June 16 2021

What is the mark on your forehead after marriage?

Ranbir Singh and Deepika

The first reception of Ranbir Singh and Dipika Padukan on November 21. Dipbir has already left for Bangalore on the occasion of the first reception after the marriage. From the airport in Mumbai, when Deepika appeared before the fans of "Bajirao", then the flash of the camera began to tremble.

Seeing "Deeper" there, the expectations of the supporters began to rise, even when the paparazzi arrived at Bangalore at the Mumbai airport. Visitors are encouraged to see "Dipir" in Bangalore. After seeing Dipika's house, watching the fans, Ranbir and Dipika shake their hands from the balcony. And there's a different picture in the eyes.

Fan Club Deepa Padukan shares an image of Instagram Handle. There, it is seen that when Deepika stands before her fans, then there is a sign on her forehead. According to India, according to the report by Indian Dot Com, Ranbir Singh or Deepika woman, is she biting into her house in Bangalore's house. And the brand appeared on Ranbir's forehead.

Whether the woman loves Deepika Padukan or even on her forehead, Ranbir painted a sign of venereal. Such comments were made on behalf of their fans. Souvenirs

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