Wednesday , April 21 2021

Wadey's Lezgoober Australia !: 777174 | Caller Kanto

Australia is one of the World Cup favorites. Two stars like Steven Smith and David Warner returned to the squad. Aaron Finch's team started the World Cup by attacking Afghanistan in the first game. But today, Vajjid is maddening! They lost 4 wickets in 38 races. Sheldon Cutler, Andre Russell

After the loss of the throw, the start of the fall of Eugen 15. The captain Aaron Finch (6) gave him a catch to Ossen Thomas, behind the mud. David Warner, 3, returned home after scoring 11 races. Sheldon Cotlell was captured by Simon Monroe. Usman Uthman Khawaja (13) turned his second victim into all rounder André Russell. Another cricket, Glenn Maxwell (0) was caught in the attack when Katrell was the second victim.

To this report, Australia collected 39 points from 4 goals in the last eight. Stephen Smith is on the team's cap.

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