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UVentuos left for Atlanta –

Athletes on Wednesday, winning 3-0 in the 1962-63 season, won the tournament title. Meanwhile, the dream of winning the home double ended with the club from Turin They won the Serie A and Italian cups each in the last four seasons.

UEWantouc, the seventh ranking in the Series and the score table, won two consecutive matches against the team. In December 2000, Masmiliano Alegre's team returned with a draw 2-2 from this field in the league.

It was disappointing for the first semifinal championships in the first half against the Atalanta Expert. The team took two goals in two minutes and scored two goals.

The Belgian defender Timothy pushed Atlantis into the right leg on his right foot from the face of D-box before the ball of Joao Conceirol in the 37th minute. Colombian striker Duvan Sapa, who took the ball after hitting the ball after finding the ball on the ball with the ball, found out about the address.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri lost his mood after the second goal. Jacket jacket open and threw jacket. In addition to the official fourth official game, he had some fierce word exchange. Then the judge kicked him out of the match from the dagout.

And in the 86th minute, the weak hat of defender Mateja de Silio caught goalkeeper Goharda Stasiani and sent him in a manual form to send him in the best shape. By that time, it was confirmed by the successful club of the match.

From the beginning of December until now, all matches combined with 17 goals in this session. At that point, he scored with a teammate.

At the second match, Roma took 7-1 to win the final four places, Fiorentina.

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