Wednesday , April 21 2021

Umar motorcycle rider arrested summon

Police detained Umar motorcycle driver Sumon Hossein for the killing of student BARC Fahmida Hak Labeni in a car accident.

According to police sources, our correspondent said that on Thursday (April 26th) around 5:45 am, a truck from the Taygaon division under Tigaagon Division of the Tajoon Division, the urban bicycle driver from the six-storey house on the 25th road trip .2 the housing of the Mohammapur police station under the Moammadpur police station. I am Hossein arrested.

The motorcycle carrying Famida Hake Lavani from the lower garage of the house was saved (Daka Metro 36/2358).

The arrested Uha rider Suon told the police: "On the day of the incident (April 25th), at the college gate in the morning, he received a call from Uber Caller (Fahmida Haque Lavanya), who was five minutes away and called at 10.30 pm Lavanya wants to go to the Khilgaon Chayabithi Mosque and tell Suman to go to house number 31 on Shyamoli Street 3.

"Before the road of Shyamoli No. 31, Lavana is coming out. There were traffic jams on the road. Around the heart of the National Heart and Hospital Institute, near the hospital, a man would run to the front of the bicycle to see if he could cross the road. As a result, go to the right of the engine. At that time the covered van pushed it back from behind. "

Police said the case had been brought to Cher-e-Bangla Nagar police station. It is examined whether the cycling costume driver also checks the authenticity of his statement, as well as his negligence or deliberate mistake as a driver.

It is also said to be trying to arrest the killer covering van driver.

It should be noted that the late Famida Hake Labani (21) was a student at the 3rd year of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Brack. His house is Shyamoli 3 on the road.

After the crash, the pedestrians saved Lavagna and brought the hospital to Suharward Medical College to the duty doctor, pronounced dead.

He was unable to locate the Sumon engine engine driver after the incident. His mobile number got off. He escaped on a motorcycle with primary treatment at the hospital. During the primary treatment, he referred to the wrong address.

The address he used during motor registration and as a registrar was incorrect. Sumon is currently under surveillance at Cher-e-Bangla Nagar police station.

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