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Two abducted indictees, including Rohinja, killed in 'gun battle'

Symbolic image Two people died yesterday in a "gun battle" with police in Cox Bazar's Tennaf Ajazila. The gun battle occurred around 12:30 pm, at the foot of the hill of Gona Mali, north of the Tekk Sadar Tourist Bazaar, around 12:30 pm, police said, adding that both drug dealers were upset.

The deceased was identified as Gona Ahmed Hossein, 9, a Union gunman and technophobic Sadar and Abdur Rahman, 4, of the D block in Rohina refugee from Najapara in Hunila.

Police commentators Ahmed Hossein and Abdur Rahman are the drug dealers listed at the interior ministry. They were disappointing in six different cases, including the Law on Drug Control. Two domestic weapons (LGB), four fresh cartridges and five thousand abaaba were taken from the scene. Three police officers, Deputy Superintendent (SI) Mohammed Babul, Assistant Deputy Inspector Mohammed Ahid and Constable Mohamed Malekul were injured in the incident.

Police Station Officer Tehnaf Police Officer (OH) Pradep Kumar Das first confirmed the facts of the incident. He said a special team at the police station arrested Ahmed Hossein and Abdur Rahman at around 8pm tonight. According to the confession of the arrest, a group of police officers took them to the foot of the hill of Gona Mali to retrieve the Frog and the weapons. In a bid to rob the couple, their associates opened fire on police. Police also opened fire on self-defense. Ahmed Hossein and Abdur Rahman were shot in the middle on both sides. Three policemen were also injured. Later, three police officers, including gunmen, were taken to the Tenaf Upazila health complex.

Emergency department physician from Tenaf Upazila Health Complex, Pranay Rudra, told the first light police were taking five people to hospital at night. Among them, three bullets were found in the bodies of Ahmed Hossein and Abdur Rahman. Their situation was alarming. They were taken to Kozar Bazar Sadar Hospital. The three policemen were released with first aid.

Pradeep Kumar Das said an emergency department doctor declared the shooting when they were taken to Kozar Bazar Sadar Hospital overnight. The body was held in the morgue at two autopsy hospitals. The case is ongoing.

Since May 1 last year, 4 people, including 3 women, were killed in the Cox Bazar neighborhood in the anti-narcotics operation. Among the dead were four Rohingya nationals, including two women.

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