Friday , February 28 2020
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Trim Arthur led by Imran

Imran Khan Murray Arthur was unable to make the World Cup squad in the semifinals, albeit from the influential boards of the board. He has been coaching Pakistan for two more years, but Prime Minister Imran Khan was unwilling to extend the coaching contract.

A credible source said Arthur, an influential member of Pakistan's cricket committee and several board officials, confirmed that he was still alive after the World Cup failure.

According to the source, several media outlets, including the Indian Express, said: "Arthur was very confident after receiving confirmation from many. So he came to Lahore and spent a few days in the hope that the deal would be extended. But when the PCB announced it would no longer retain its support staff, it was frustrated and blocked.

PCB President Eshan Mani talks to Arthur with Imran, the main sponsor of the board. But the former captain has made it clear that a new team management will be formed after the World Cup.

Sources further said Arthur was shocked by local media reports that Faradab Ahmed had proposed to the cricket committee to replace Surfraz Ahmed and Babar Azam as captain of the ODIs and the tests. He also spoke with Sarfaraz to clarify this. In the source, "Arthur Sarfaraz contacted, saying media reports about the captain's quarrel were incorrect." Indian Express

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