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Today is the birthday of Bari Siddiqui

Bani Samrat, 64th birthday of the late Bari Siddiqui, one of the folk songs of folk songs, Thursday (November 15). He was born on November 15, 1954. In a musical family in the district of Netrokona. So a song, body and mind musician and even a soul can not give blood.

In addition to singing – he was also an exceptional singer in writing music, music and music. And he liked being a singer himself.

Bari Siddiqui has gifted many popular songs. Among the popular songs he sang – "Shua kan birds", I'm ashamed to myself, "Three-three grave", "Pubali air", "You are in prison", "Najnar naye naree end", "Ogo Bhavijan nu bawa" "People grab "Bhojo" people, etc. They are noteworthy, and many musicians think that songs are always in the face of a human face.

His solo albums are: "I'm sorry", "Even if I'm a criminal, I'm yours", "Sarala", "Walk around the country, thoughts", "white handkerchief", "land ownership", "earth body", "big irritation" Festival love "," love for home "," wind niluya "," sadness, if sadness "

Originally, he sang with sound in the audio area. After the latter, his lecture was taken by literary Humayun Ahmed and made his debut in the film. In the 2000 film "Sraban Megh Divya" the song "Me as Suffer to Same" gained popularity. Then he chose the songs in selected and high-quality movies. These are: "History of the legend (2007)", "Nekabbar Mahaprayaan (2012)", "and the soil of my country (2012)", "Soil potter" (2013).

Bari Siddiqui was originally a rural folk and spiritual artist. He was also in love with music, he sang only songs. Finally, November 24, 2017. He left the last breath of a heart attack.

Bangladesh time: 0007 hours, November 15, 018


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