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Tigers ready to save the series || Game || Janakantha


Tigers are ready to write a series

  • Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have started their second and final test at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla today

Mithun Ashraf Bangladesh will face such a problem against Zimbabwe in this country for the first time. For the first time in the first test of the series, Bangladesh went on to defeat the series. Never before has this been done on the land of the country. Bangladesh fell during the disaster against Zimbabwe The only way to get rid of this danger today is to lose Zimbabwe in the second and final test, which will be played at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium in Mirpur. There are no alternatives to draw a series of tests. If there is a second stake in Bangladesh, the series will be lost. The series will be evaluated, even if the draw. Bangladesh will not lose the series in the series?

Bangladeshi's head coach, Steve Rhodes, thinks the boys will reverse in the Mirpur test. He said: "These guys are determined to fix things and I like this problem in the locker room in Bangladesh, they are amazed at me, they are always turning, they will fight in the next test They are determined to turn around. We will play for victory in the test Dhaka. "

In the first test, the beaters fell. Bowlers turned very well. But the batter could not show anything. Bangladesh won 143 matches in the first rounds, and 169 in the second rounds. Bangladesh scored 151 runs in the inaugural Sylhet International Cricket Stadium test. After 17 years in Zimbabwe, the country lost a series of 1-0 tests in the series.

The coach thinks that the first rounds of the first test are bad in the first rounds: "The only mistake we made during the first test is our wink in the first rounds." We lost the shot and we could not stop at 282, when there was almost nothing in the gate Then we needed three hundred and four people to run in. If you can not do it, the end of the rounds is always very difficult, we beat the opportunity in the first rounds of batting, I see no fault in the plan, we do not see any mistake in our strategy. . "What will Bangladesh do in the Mirpur test? This test can not be called risk-free Bangladesh. The gates at Mirpur Stadium are different only once. Everyone knows that. But the spinners showed that they were shown at the end. He won in Mirpur against England, as did England and Australia. The sphere bends. The spinners win the Ale Shakib Al Hasan test is not included. Danger can occur if there is no single cricket player. He is the best bowler on both sides. However, the gate will behave, what to do in a wink.

If the wicket is in motion, then Paceman Jarvis from Zimbabwe, Chattara, may become dangerous. And if you're completely spin-off, Sikandar Raja, Mavutta, Wellington Mashakadz can bring danger. By comparison, among the quick scorers in the Bangladeshi team are Mustafizur Rahman, Abu Zayed Rahi and Khaled Ahmed. In this test you could see Khaled. You can also play Mustafiz. The first test match could not match the chance for Rahi XI. And among the spinners, Taizul Islam, Nazmul Islam Apu, Mehdi Hasan Mirajrai are enough. You can understand that bowlers can easily adjust to each other. Beaters must do anything. Team winners, like the first Test, will be able to show their strength at the very beginning, the prospect of winning them is clear. Bangladesh has no options. To save the series, we have to win. This situation has never been established in the country before. Bangladesh played 7 series of tests before the series against Zimbabwe. Bangladesh played four series in Zimbabwe and three series in the field. Never again did Bangladesh lose the series in the first test of the series.

Bangladesh first played against Zimbabwe in 2001 in Bangladesh. Then in 2005 and 2014. After the first sampling of the test in 2001, the second series was lost in the second test. Bangladesh won the series in 2005 and 2014. Bangladesh won the first test in 2005. Getting the test for the first time in history. Winning the series at the next draw of the Zimbabwe test loses three tests in 2014. Bangladesh has never been threatened with a series of losses before the first series of tests in a country that has never been before. Zimbabwe won one of the first test matches against Bangladesh in Bangladesh. Now the team was in great danger. Bangladesh is a very good team in the cricket. At this point, the stake of the series will have a great impact on the team in Zimbabwe. You can see the effect of the first test. Now the only way to get rid of him is to win only by winning. What can Bangladesh do?

Captain Mahmudullah Riyadh said earlier that it is possible. He said, "We need to learn from our mistakes and we have to rotate heavily, we need to develop our beliefs, we have hit a lot in the last few games, we have to get out of this situation, I believe we can. The race will come from the highest order, but we all fail in the lower order.If this is true, we will be able to turn back in the Dhaka test We have been back in Bangladesh cricket times, I hope everyone will turn back again I think rounds are enough. see another Bangladesh in the Mirpur test. "Now you can meet the Bangladeshi cricketers who perform various matches in Bangladesh. If the series is drawn at a single victory stage, the team will be protected. If not, the series will be at stake.

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