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Therefore, Mushfikic was expelled from the field

Finally, on his own terrain, Chittagong Waeking met. But with the victory, another issue of the competition is quite discussed. Mushfik, who was caught in the nervous moment of the match, ordered Mushaddek to get out of the field with his finger. And he really got out of the field Mossaddek.

Daka Dynamite needs 29 races to 16 races. The host of the Swagat from Dhaka drew the longitude of Naim Hassan from Chittagong Waikings from third place in the 18th place. But for a long time it was not easy to take this catch could not be taken over by Mossadek Hossen.

Mushfiqur Rahim at the moment was unable to maintain the mood in the nerves due to the absence of catch. After being angry, Mossadek asked to leave the pitch, said the captain of the Chittagong Vikings. In fact, exit the Mossaddec field. Adding his field as a substitute, an additional player, Sadman Islam

However, an important member of the Chitagong team management and BHB chief selector Mikhazal Abedin clarified the issue. "It's not unusual to lose the temperament of the captain at the moment of breathing. But not only because Mushfikik asked to come out, the beach also suffered a smaller finger, so the field is out."

But at the end of Wednesday's meeting, at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong, Dhaka Dynamite lost 11 races, Chitagong Virakins. The Mushfich team gave a goal of 175 races before losing a throw. Shakib proved to be a response to 163 running in response to the batsman. Chittagong won the last four of this win

However, Chitagong came to Chittagong with a very simple equation. Chittagong played a great game in the tournament. Because of the hosts, they lost three of the three games in the last four to win the Thanatani Mushfikik. If today you can not defeat Dhaka, the goal of the last four can not be met.

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