Monday , June 14 2021

There is no room for reelection in Duke: University authorities –

Professor Akhteruzzaman, Vice Chancellor of the university, said noon
He said: "The choice is over. The results were published. Our democratic customs and
Dakshu Constitution – they need to be implemented. "

And Deputy Chancellor (Administration) Professor Muhammad Muhammad demands direct re-election
He said: "There is no room for renewal of the elections".

Dacca University's Central Student Parliament-Daxshu and Parliament are long-awaited
Elections end on Monday, with many complaints about irregularities and a boycott by most commissioners

Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, Left Alliance, Platform for Moving Reforms in Kota, General Student Rights
Re-election by posting a boycott of both councils and independent candidates

After the announcement of the results of the night, it is seen that Daksusu won all positions without a Vice President
BCL candidates for the pro-government organization. And PP is elected for quota reform
Nurul, candidate of the Municipal Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Urgent Students in Bangladesh to Protesters
Huq Noor

VC delayed the residence of the Vice Chancellor on Tuesday morning
BCL leaders and activists protested in front of us.

Leader of Reform Quota Leader Nurul Hook Noor wins "WP"
They demanded re-election for the "big fraud" function.

On the other hand, the Left Front, the General Council for Student Reserves and Independent Candidates
The Alliance organizes a rally on the campus separately. Call in the morning
The boycott program takes place at the university.

During the election, the ballot papers and the Rokeya Hall in Bangladesh-Kuwait Friendship
Deputy VC Prof Samad on Tuesday, and drew attention to obtaining a ballot paper,
In his office, reporters said: "We found immediate evidence of irregularities in one of the two halls
I got an arrangement. But the other (what happened in Rocky) was that it was a shock. There
There are no irregularities. "

Under the leadership of Muhammad Samad, he will investigate irregularities in choosing the election and chaos
The administration of Dhaka University has formed a five-member "information discovery team".

He said that this investigative team will "publish within a few days" its investigative report

Activist leader Kota Nurul Hosen Nur, in the "planned" station
Drawing attention to the trials of victory, prof. Samad said: "Optical marker
The vote was considered reconciliation machines (OMRs). There is no room for this appeal here. Besides that
The Prime Minister accepted almost all the demands of the Kota movement. Movement of quotas
Saying, but there is nothing from the Kota movement. "

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