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There is no room for freedom as a freedom fighter: Kader Siddiq

Mian Mohammad Hassan Ali Reza, a renowned freedom fighter, a senior lawyer and worker, was buried in honor of the state on Sunday in the hands of criminals killed by wrong MPs. The second namaz-e-janaza was buried at the family cemetery of the Baichail Dakhil Madras land in Ghatail.

Earlier, at 10:30 am, his first prayers of the monks of the Tapala district of Sadar were held in a mosque. He addressed the rally in front of Janaza, Bangbagir, Abdul Kader Sidiqi, the president of the Bar Association Uttam Bar Association and Tangil Ref. Islam Khan. After prayers namaz-e-janaza, Hassan Ali's body was taken to his village home, Ghatail, Baiyal.

In a speech, Abdul Kader Siddiq said: "Once proud as a freedom fighter, it would be. But if a freedom fighter is to die in this way, then there is no chance of becoming a freedom fighter, if such a lawyer dies like this, and if he does not exist solution, then I do not mind if there is no country or state.

He said: "I am also the son of a lawyer. You do not have to die this way, you can not accept it in any way." He called the arteries of the incident to bring them to justice. Advocate Hassan Ali Reza was a member of the central committee of the Krishak Sramik Janata League.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, around 23 o'clock, Bar Association lawyers organized a protest rally demanding the arrest and killing of the murderers of Hassan Ali Rasores. Later, the sympathy meeting took place at the Hall of the Bar-Hall. President of the District Bar Association, Rafikul Islam Khan, chaired the program. Among the lawyers, Mir Shamsul Alam Shahyada, MA. Abdul Gafur Mia, MSc. Nurul Islam, MD. Abdul Baki Mia, Kan Mohamad Khaled, MA. Fizur Rahman, Abdus Salam Chaqadar, Arphan Ali Molah, Ananda Mohan Ariya and S Akbar Khan. The meeting was organized by the Secretary General of the Bar Association Attorney Meidul Islam Shishir. The speakers say that in the next 24 hours the killers will be arrested and brought to court. Otherwise, a rough movement will develop.

All judicial references were held in the Tangiil County and Eclipse at the judge's session at noon. District Judge and Sessions said. Shawkat Ali Chowdhury. At the same time, all court proceedings are set for this day.

Meanwhile, an additional Superintendent of the Police (Sadar Circle) Rezaur Rahman said that in a short time we will be able to arrest those involved in the killings. We are in a very close position. I can not say everything right now for investigation.

Hassan Ali Reza disappeared on July 8 evening after drinking tea from his house in Sabalya, in the city of Tangiel, and disappeared. Five days after the disappearance, the police renewed their body from the Luhajang River on Saturday afternoon on Saturday. After the disappearance, Tito filed a case of kidnapping with Titus, a son of Ria from Mia Mohamad Hassan Ali at the police station Tapai Sadar.

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