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The two Koreas went to war

It seemed that both teams were down on the pitch. Picture: Reuters A strange match took place in Pyongyang on Tuesday and North and South Korea played in the World Cup qualifiers, no one won the match, no goal but no goal, no spectator to celebrate that goal and no outside audience. There was no way he could celebrate, except North Korea's Damadhyamera had no access to the ground. One such requirement is for South Korea to return home, as if to counter the blow.

Angered over the heat of the temporary friendship between the two countries, hostility has cooled again. That's why Federation Vice President Joey Young-il, who became a team mate, said: "The match was like a war. While talking to the North Koreans, they didn't look me in the eyes, they didn't answer me! "Tottenham star and South Korean captain Suan Huang-mi also questioned his opponent's behavior, saying:" The match was so aggressive that it was a great success to come back. All North Korea players were very aggressive … a lot of nonsense. "

Although there was no general public on the ground, there were high-level officials. Among them, the Swedish ambassador tweeted, joking on the empty terrain: "There are no children before a fight. Oh, no one is on the field today. "There is a lot of tension between the two teams, but the audience is almost zero. FIFA President Giovanni Infantino was also among the visitors. The president did not hide his "surprises" and "disappointments" when he saw such an empty gallery.

No one was allowed to enter the field in foreign media, even to be shown live on television. Korea's central news agency summed up the match in such a way that the attack and every attack on the game ended equally. South Korea was told not to put spectators ahead of the match. But no one knew that local viewers in North Korea would be deprived of such a match. The vice president of the South Korean Federation said: "We thought 4,000 people would watch the match, but no one came." But it was not good as it was broadcast on TV.

Such "war" behavior must be accepted. On paper, but the war is still going on between the two countries. The war in Korea ended on the 9th, but no peace deal was signed between the two sides so far. North Korea has not agreed to attend any national anthem or flag of South Korea at its stadium.

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