Monday , June 21 2021

The twentieth century stands before Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan is ahead of a huge milestone against a West Indies tour in the Chittagong Test, which will only have four watt in the Test series. He will be the first Bangladesh to take 200 watt as the first Bangladesh to reach the milestone. Shakib took 196 watt in 53 games. Which is the highest in Bangladesh.

Former left-hand boxer Mohammad Rafiq, the second highest cricket test driver in Bangladesh

Top five boxers for the highest vocalist in the Cricket Test:
The player matches innings wicket
Shakib Al Hasan 53 89 196
Mohamed Rafiq 33 48 100
Taijul Islam 21 38 87
Mashraf Bin Mortaza 36 51 78
Shahadat Hossein 38 60 72

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