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The Telugu comedian, Benu Madav, has left

Telugu comedian Benu Madav (1) left the country without returning. He died on Wednesday (September 27th) at around 7pm in Bangladesh while on life support at Jeshoda Hospital, Hyderabad.

Cinema Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bamsey Kakat has confirmed the death of a popular Twitter actor. He wrote, & # 39; Actor Benu Madhav left us at 12:20 pm (local time). His family and the doctors confirmed to me. I wish him peace in his soul. & # 39;

For the past two weeks, Benu has been hospitalized. He was discharged from hospital only last week (September 22nd). The doctor's last suggestion was to have the liver replaced soon.

But in the meantime, if Benu's physical condition deteriorated further, he was again hospitalized. After that, Benu was put on Life Support at the Intensive Excellence Center (IFU).

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For many years, Benu Madav has been suffering from liver and kidney problems. As a result, he was unable to act in many films.

Benu Madhav was born in Andhra Pradesh, India on December 5. He began his career in a small role in the movie Samvatam. The comedian continued to work in the cinema regularly in telugu.

Benu was able to establish himself as a trusted character in the industry, starring in many Telugu and Tamil films. The popularity of visitors. He has starred in more than six hundred films in nearly two career careers.

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