Sunday , April 18 2021

The real president wants to resign

Sports desk: Real Madrid could not make any titles this season. Real Madrid The question is already quite certain. Of course, everyone is dissatisfied. In the La Liga game the previous day, anger flipped over Florentino Perez from Real Madrid. In the match that was scored in a draw, Real Supporters Perez claimed they would give up the post. Real Madrid have three points from 34 matches in La Liga, with 65 points. Barcelona is at the top of the list with 70 points. Not only that, the Catalan has reached the conclusion of the title. Real can not do well in the Champions League The last sixteen is to lose the match with Ajax. After the 2014-15 season, Zinedine Zidane's students will complete the season without a title at the first major tournament. That's why protesters are angry over Perez. Some time before the Matonga interval, DAP supporters showed a transparency. The banner is written in Florentino. Although security personnel at the stadium quickly confiscated the banner. Supporters for the second time expressed their anger towards the real president. Fans in real time in rematch 1-1 against Legends recently showed a banner showing that President Perez is your fault. This time he is asked to step down as president of the club, Bernabeu.

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