Friday , October 22 2021

The Prime Minister will participate in the "Let & # 39; s Talk" program to talk directly


The Prime Minister will participate in the program

Online Reporter Awami League President and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take part in the Let & # 39; s Talk program organized by the Center for Research and Information (CRI) to talk directly with young people.

On November 16, the new generation will tell the prime minister about his future thinking about Bangladesh. He will also listen to the dreams of young people, dream about dreaming and dreams of building Bangladesh.

According to various reports from the research, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the most popular leader of the youth of Bangladesh. And why it appears in Talk & # 39; s Talk to prove its popularity again. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will discuss 150 different participating young people from different countries on various political issues. Organized by various professionals, employers, entrepreneurs, students, sports and cultural activists and enthusiastic representatives of youth will participate in this event. These young people will have the opportunity to talk directly with the Bangladeshi government's highest decision-making body on the various steps taken by the Bangladeshi government for young people, various steps and plans to build a better Bangladeshi in the future and various government steps to lead the country further.

As usual, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasin, tried to listen to young people and give priority to their views. And that's why he organized it with the youth. For the first time in Bangladesh history, the prime minister will face youth.

He will give direct answers to their questions and also directly receive opinions from young people. Not only that, the prime minister will give new information on the occasion of his youth during this event to inspire the current generation. The prime minister will also discuss this as an ordinary person. The Prime Minister will talk to young people about personal life, personal thinking, etc.

To talk directly with young people, "Let's talk to Sheikh Hasina" will take place from 15:00 to 17:00 on November 16 in Ganobhaban. The program will be broadcast live on some TV channels.

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