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The popular US TV series "Friends" is back

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03:05, June 06, 019

The popular American TV series

Do you remember "Friends"? Yes, I am talking about that famous American TV series in the nineties. This series ended in 2004 after ten years of running. Since then fans have been waiting for the reunification of the crew of the series. Finally, that hope will be fulfilled. The "Friends" actress, Jennifer Aniston, showed it.

Jennifer in the Episode episode of The Story of Ellen Disney said on Wednesday that she wants to be reconciled. Even his fellow actors have the same views. Fans who were happy and enthusiastic about this comment were understood by their clippings. In the context, the possibility of reunification was previously lost. In an interview for 2016, Aniston said: "We do not know what to do. That time was very nostalgic." The following year, actor Matthew Perry, along with Aniston, said he was afraid that if no one showed interest in him. "I used to dream of sleeping" Friends "if no one else saw him. When we returned to the full series, nobody showed interest.

Matthew Perry played "Friends" like Chandler Bing. The character of Jennifer Aniston was named for Rachel Green. In addition to these two, the main character were Courtney Cox, Lisa Chudro, Matt LeBlan and David Schummer. The main theme of "Friends" was the story of six friends who lived together in the city of New York in New York. The series lasted from 1994 to 2004 and was very popular.

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