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The oldest son of Vasim Akram Graduated

The son of former captain of Vasim Akram, Pakistan, Taymur graduated from the Faculty Vasim Akram on Tuesday wrote twitter specifically.

Vasim Akram, a 52-year-old in Twitter, writes that my son has a diploma today. This is an absolute gift for parents. I hope that you will fulfill your dream in building a beautiful and happy future.

Meanwhile, his honest mother, Shaniera Akram, tweeted the child's special wishes for the child. In one tweet, he said: "We are proud of you as a friendly boy." Congratulations Taymur for your matriculation to be perfect. "" You will decorate your next life nicely. "" You will not go back to make your life beautiful. " for you. We always have blessings and support for you.

Meanwhile, former Pakistani champion Vasim Akram, a former World Cup champion, congratulated the undergraduate studies, Shahid Afridi, Wahab Rajez and many former Pakistani cricketers and current cricketers.

In fact, the only daughter of Sheherina and Vasim was born in 2014. Earlier, the first wife of Vasim Akram, Hamo Taymur and Akbar, died after being attacked by cancer in October 2009.

Source: Geo TV, Express Tribune

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