Wednesday , April 21 2021

The new Jamaat team announced today


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Jamaat's reformist leaders form a new party. They now want to call it an "initiative," not a new political party.

The announcement will be presented at a news conference in the hotel on Saturday at 23 o'clock.

Now they do not publish the name of this new political party. However, a coordinating committee called "John Desire Bangladesh" will be established and all activities will be implemented.

The head of the committee is the central Mile of Jamaat-e-Islami in Shura (newly-discovered) Mughubar Rahman Mangju. He was once the central president of Islam Chhattrashiir.

Whoever will be invited to attend the ceremony, their names are kept secret. However, doctors, engineers, teachers and teachers will be one of the representatives of the relevant sources.

Asked about this, Majebbur Rahman told Manju Juhantor that this initiative is not based on religion, even on the basis of specific theories, it is not idealistic. The possible declaration states that "Bangladesh of John Aakun" is an initiative and a reflection of a group of optimists.

It will be highlighted for future political plans. The organization of those who want to be part of this caravan will begin formally from Saturday.

He also said the Bangladeshi people's initiative began, but the name of the political party, the identity of the logo will be specified later. He will work as a coordinator of the new initiative.

After the announcement, in the next three months, the party's plan structure, the finalization of the manifesto, plans to be vocal in politics.

The renovated leaders said their new political initiative is not based on Islam or religion. Give respect to equality and human rights. The first will be a "Coordinating Committee".

Members of this commission will visit the whole country to share their thoughts with people of all classes and occupations, including students and women.

Talking with concerned people about the new initiative, they will now not immediately announce the formation of a new political party right now.

Islam or religious organizations will not be monitored in new political initiatives. They will give greater importance to equality and human rights.

The conflicts have taken place since 1979 in the Jamaat reform. Following the lifting of a ban on the formation of a religious party in 1977, Jamaat leaders formed the Islamic Democratic League (IDL) under the leadership of Maulana Abdur Rahim.

Golam Azam, one of the leaders of the anti-liberation forces, rebuilt the country in 1979.

Abdur Rahim requested reform. In 1981, there was a riot again in Jamaat-Shibir to seek reform.

Then those who sought reform were excluded. In 2007, there was a need for reforms in Jamaat. In 2010, Kamarujazaman, Abdur Razzak and Mir Kassim Ali proposed reforms, but this was not implemented.

However, there are reform committees. But opposition to conservative leaders, including Mathur Rahman Nizami, broke up. Jamaat is determined not to apologize for the role of the war in 1971. Still firm

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