Sunday , October 17 2021

The Jatiya party has not decided yet … – 702426 | Kaler Kantho

When BNP appears in the survey, it will form an alliance with the Awami League and they will be elected. And if BNP does not come, they will individually stand for 300 seats alone. It was said that the Jatiya party was formed.

But after the BNP announced its participation in the Sunday election, the party said that the Jatiya party could not decide whether the Awami League would take part in the upcoming elections for the big alliance led by the Awami League.

Party secretary Jatiya of the party ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader said to the journalists' question: "The discussion continues, it will take a day or two." Everyone will be informed at this time. "

On Sunday afternoon, at a press conference in the office of the chairman of the Jatiya Party in Banani, he said this.

Meanwhile, on Sunday at noon, the National Unity Forum together with the BNP announced participation in the eleventh election of Jatiya Sangsad on November 23.

The leader of the Jatiya party, HM Ershad, previously said that the BNP would choose a coalition with the Awami League when it comes to voting, and if BNP does not come, then it competes with 300 seats.

Recently, after the dialogue with the prime minister, the leaders of the Awami League and the Jatiya party have said the same.

Earlier Ershad said: "We gave a list of 100 places in the League of Awami." I can get from 70 places. "

The Jatiya party participated in the 9th parliamentary elections in the alliance with the Awami League. BNP also participated in the elections.

Ershad took part in the elections after many dramas, after BNP boycotted the elections in 2014. Later, the Jatiya party sat in the main opposition parliament, but also took part in the government.

Asked by the Jatiya Party for a national unity front, demanding elections, Howlader said at a press conference: "JP is ready for elections." However, in the interest of all EC schedules, their case is.

Finally, with the participation of all, the Japanese secretary-general said: "There was no doubt for so long, the sun would look a little bit later, we hope everyone will take part in a festive environment, and there will be no violence after the vote.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Jatiya party, Ershad, inaugurated on Sunday morning the distribution program of the nomination of the National Party in Emanuelus Gulshana.

He will be a candidate for the seats of Dhaka-17, Satkhira -4 and Rangpur-4, said the Jatiya Party. The Jatiya Party nomination form was sold on Sunday until 17:00, 553.

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