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The government brings the "Golden Rice" Economy

The government will open new varieties of rice, Golden Rice. They will be exposed soon. This rice has been brought to satisfy the lack of vitamin A deficiency in ordinary people.

Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak told reporters after a meeting with representatives of the International Rice Research Institute (ERI) in the Secretariat Thursday.

He said the Rhine Research Institute in Bangladesh (BRI) and Eri Mill found gold rice. Now awaits our Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Talking about how quickly it is published.

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The Minister of Agriculture said, already the US Administration for Drugs and Food (FDA) has given permission for this rice. Canada and Australia also cleaned that Golden Rice is safe, there is no risk for the body, it's safe.

He said the production of the Golden Rice will be available just like BR-28 and BR-29. The color of the golden color will be golden. The price will be similar to ordinary rice. No additional costs.

Emphasizing that Erie has a major contribution to ensuring food security in Asia, the minister said, our poor people can not eat nutritious foods for a long time. Where Vitamin A is a big problem. And this can be found in vitamins.

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